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How to make money on Youtube?


The “stars” of Youtube are today’s entrepreneurs, they made themselves. You are probably wondering how is it possible to get there, and how to make money on Youtube. These are people who have gained an audience by creating content geared towards education, entertainment, beauty, and all topics that can “impress” on the internet. Most of them do it just to showcase their creative talent, and to share it with a wide audience. Money may not be the main motivation when you create a Youtube channel. However, you will quickly be surprised by all the opportunities that exist to earn a very good living.

How many subscribers do you need to have to make money on YouTube?

The New Media Rockstars site estimates that the best YouTubers earn millions, some even tens of millions. Revenues can fluctuate greatly depending on the reach of the channel.

Here are some of their estimates:

However, YouTube channels with fewer subscribers can also be monetized. Your earning potential is not determined solely by the number of subscribers and the number of views you have, but also by the level of engagement you generate, the niche you target and the revenue channels you explore. .

For your channel to be monetized directly by the YouTube Partner program, the platform focuses its attention on the number of hours of viewing that your channel counts, in addition to your number of subscribers.

So, how to make money on Youtube and monetize your videos? To be eligible for monetization, your channel must have 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers.

It is also the number of subscribers, and the number of hours of viewing that will determine your income generated by YouTube. That is, a channel with millions of subscribers whose videos are unplayed will not get revenue.

That’s not to say follower count isn’t important, but it’s not necessarily the most important statistic. It is still a potential audience indicator if you want to make sponsorships with brands and publish sponsored content. The more subscribers you have, the more brands will be interested in your YouTube channel, and the more opportunities you will have to land partnerships. This is where the importance of your number of subscribers lies.

Understand your audience demographics:

Building your own audience sets you up to monetize in a variety of ways. But, you won’t be able to take full advantage of the opportunities you have if you don’t know the makeup of your audience. For many YouTubers looking to monetize, the more niche your niche is, the more you’ll need to work with brands aimed at targeting specific audiences. Addressing a market niche is an effective way to drive traffic, subscriptions and attract brands.

Before we start, what do you think an audience on YouTube is? Are these your subscribers? Actually not really. Your audience is the people who watch your videos. However, not all your subscribers watch all your videos, and a certain number of people watch your videos without subscribing to your channel (they come across them thanks to suggestions, trends, or a search). So you have to differentiate between your subscribers and your audience.

You should pay particular attention to:

Genre. The split between men and women to see if your audience leans more one way or another.
Age, to find out in which bracket your audience is mostly located.
The geographical location, countries or cities where your viewers watch your videos. Some brands might want to focus on certain parts of the world.
The average watch time of your videos.
The combination of the previous factors gives you a more accurate picture of your audience. The data can then be cross-referenced to, for example, find the number of men in a specific age range.
With these demographics at your fingertips, you’ll have a better understanding of your own audience, so you can work more effectively on your content and brand partnerships. You can also use Social Blade to compare your own channel with others.

You can also complete your YouTube channel by blogging, and/or subscribing to a newsletter with a richer registration form. You will gain the opportunity to obtain useful information for your channel (depending on its theme), for example on the lifestyle, or the interests of your subscribers (do they have gardens, do they live in town, do they play sports, are they interested in cooking, what are their jobs, etc…). This type of information does not appear in YouTube Analytics, but it allows you to adapt or improve your content.

You can also use other more interactive social networks like Instagram to ask questions to your audience, and do surveys allowing you to adapt your themes.

The more your YouTube videos meet the expectations and/or issues of your audience, the more engagement you will get with you (subscriptions, purchases, recurrence of views, etc.), and the more opportunities you will have to earn revenue. money with YouTube.

Make money:

By being an influencer on Instagram or a blogger with thousands of views, your audience can generate earnings, but it is the creation of several income streams that help you earn money.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can make money on Youtube:

Become a YouTube partner and earn money from ads.
Make money on YouTube by selling products or merchandise.
Use crowdfunding for your next project.
Promote your music on YouTube
Let your audience support your work with “fan crowdfunding”.
Authorize your content to the media.
Work with brands as an influencer.
Let’s take a closer look at each of these points.

Become a YouTube Partner and Earn Money from Ads:

The first revenue stream you’ll likely explore is advertising. You’ll need to establish yourself as a “YouTube Partner”, which is easily done in the Creator Studio section of your YouTube account. You must go to the “Channel” menu to verify your account and activate monetization (click here to access it directly). After becoming a Partner, you will need to have an AdSense account to opt into the Google advertising network. This is the key step to getting paid and having access to ad revenue reports like the one below.

By clicking on it, you can access all the monetization settings for your videos. You will then earn money each time your visitors see advertisements displayed during the viewing of your videos. As soon as you reach $100 in revenue, YouTube pays it directly to your account.

This account is easy to set up, but, advertising as a YouTub Partner is far from the best way to earn money with Youtube that you can benefit from.

Why should you look beyond ads?
YouTube has recently received a lot of backlash due to its decision to be more transparent about advertising. This means that, on the platform, the content will become perfectly compatible with advertising. Indeed, many Youtubers feared losing part of their advertising revenue. These revenues help support their channel due to the nature of their content.

According to YouTube, your content may be excluded from ads if it contains:

Sexually suggestive content, including partial nudity and sexual humor,
Violence, including displaying serious injuries and recounting events related to violent extremism,
Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language,
Promotion of drugs and controlled substances, including the sale and use of such substances,
Controversial or sensitive topics and events, including topics related to war, political conflict, natural disasters, and tragedy, even if graphic imagery is not depicted.
But, since 2012, the reality is that YouTube has demonetized content it doesn’t consider “advertiser-friendly” through an automated process.  Advertising could be an effective way to generate passive income for creators, but the reality is quite different. YouTube levies a 45% “tax” on advertising revenue. In short, YouTubers have every interest in turning to other income streams to support their passion.

Make money on Youtube by selling products or merchandise:

Selling merchandise like t-shirts, coffee mugs, handbags, and caps has a benefit that goes far beyond just generating revenue. This increases your exposure by making your personality and brand accessible to everyone. It deepens the relationship between you and your fans who come together in everything you do. Selling branded products is much easier than it looks. You can order affordable designs tailored to specific products, like t-shirts, using freelance sites like Fiverr. And, when it comes to managing orders and customers, you can integrate services like Oberlo into your store. It takes care of everything from shipping costs, fulfillment, after-sales service… allowing you to reap all the benefits of an online sales business without all the effort it requires. Plus, you don’t have to worry about printing costs until you make sales.

You can also partner with an already existing merchandising network for creators, such as DFTBA (Do not Forget to Be Awesome). However, you are going to be competing with other YouTubers in a market and then you will have less control over adding products, discounts, integrating your content and all the benefits of your own e-commerce site. . You can even take it a step further by making and selling your own products, powering your business with your YouTube channel. This is the case of Luxy Hair which sold its hair extensions with video hair tutorials.

For starters, as a YouTuber who already has his audience, you’ll have two great advantages in making traditional store owners jealous:

A content engine (Youtube) that directs traffic to your store.
The trust of your audience, which you have already earned by regularly bringing them free content.

Use crowdfunding for your next creative project:

When money is the blocking factor that stands between your idea and its execution, crowdfunding is the solution. Whether you need help buying better equipment, hiring actors or covering other production costs, you can appeal to your audience but also to the crowdfunding community. Pitch your idea so it’s compelling enough and take inspiration from what works. Many projects have succeeded thanks to a small pitch or a “trailer”. This announcement effect makes people eager to learn more about your project. So don’t hesitate to make a short film like Kung Fury did, paying homage to 80s action movies on the famous KickStarter platform.

Make money from music on YouTube:

YouTube allows you to interact with your fans, promote yourself and promote your musical projects. You thus have the possibility of sharing your best songs with your public, and of publicizing the release dates of your albums, dates of your concerts, etc. You can also insert links to your ticket office or your online store.

If your music is successful on the platform, you will also get recurring views which can earn you $1,000-2,000 per million views according to Complex.com estimates.

Your audience support your work through “fan crowdfunding”:

Similar to crowdfunding, you can also create funding streams to generate donations from your audience. As a creator, you provide access to your content without forcing your audience to pay for admission. Many fan-funded platforms give creators a new place to share their content. It’s a great way to engage their most loyal audience and reward them for their support.

Here are some of those platforms:

Youtube’s fan funding: This feature on YouTube basically allows you to create a “funnel” for your viewers to donate whenever they feel like it. You will need to set up your YouTube account to enable this feature.
Patreon:Fans can subscribe to their favorite Youtubers for a dollar a month and receive exclusive rewards.
Tipeee: You get both one-time and recurring donations.

Authorize your content to the media:

If you create a video that is meant to go viral, such as a funny clip featuring your dog, you can license your content in exchange for money. TV news, morning shows, online news sites… could be affected by the rights to use your videos if they go viral. You can also post your videos to a marketplace like Juken Media where your content will be more easily accessible to people who want to buy it.

Work with brands as an influencer:

Brands are increasingly investing in influencer marketing, spending their advertising budgets on influencers who have already earned the loyalty of their audience. This creates a massive opportunity for you as a creator if you can sniff out the bargains. Brendan Gahan, YouTube marketing expert and influencer, recommends that you establish your base flat fee by looking at the number of views your videos get and multiplying that by 5 to 15 (cents) (which is the average of what many brands are willing to pay for views on Youtube). Depending on your leverage, audience demographics, content quality, and specificity of your niche, you might be able to negotiate better compensation. To give you another idea of what you can potentially charge, a mid-tier influencer charges an average of $200 to $500 per post. The same study also shows that around 69% of YouTubers surveyed don’t think brand partnerships hijack their authenticity.

The key when associating with a brand is to be transparent. That means don’t agree to all sorts of things or promote something you don’t like. Keep in mind that your audience knows you.

Grapevine Logic: One of the most popular influencer marketplaces, you only need 1000 followers to sign up.
Famebit: With a wide range of brands present, you might find a sponsorship opportunity to be proud of. You need 5000 followers to join this site.
Channel Pages: Partner with other YouTubers as well as brands.
Crowdtap: Complete small content creation “tasks” in exchange for cash and other rewards. There are no restrictions on the number of followers you need to sign up.
Take advantage of the opportunities that best suit your needs. However, remember to “sell” yourself on other sites to ensure maximum visibility for your channel.

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