What is Cricket? Important facts about Cricket

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Cricket is a bat-ball game. Two teams play with each other. Each team has 11 players. One team wins and one loses. Prizes are awarded to the winning team. First, both captains toss. Whoever wins decides to bowl or bat.

Cricket formats:

This is played in different formats. The most popular formats are

cricket formats
cricket formats

One-day International

Test Cricket:

The test is the popular format in cricket. This is continued played for 5 days. There are four innings and each team has two turns to bat. Win and loss are decided after five days. Otherwise, the match is draw and no one is the winner.

One-day International Cricket:

One-day International is also a popular format. This is a 100 overs match and each team has 50 overs to play. This format is about 50 overs for each team to play. In 50 of one team play and score runs for winning.

T-Twenty Cricket:

T-Twenty stands for twenty-twenty . This is 40 over the match and each team has 20 overs to play. In 20 of one team play and score runs for winning.


International T20 leagues:

A league is a group of cricket teams that compete against each other in a cricket season.

International T20 leagues

Professional cricket-match competitions are unique. Following are the popular leagues.

Role of players:

Each player has a role. Each player plays a role in winning his team.


The game revolves around Batsmen because he is a game-changer.


Fielder also plays a very important role in winning his team. He saves boundaries and also catches the ball for the purpose to out the batsman


Bowler plays a very crucial role in winning or losing a match. He bowls the batsman. Otherwise, the bowler gets more runs from the batsman.

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