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How to Get Google AdSense Approval in Pakistan

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If you are entering the blogging industry, you will likely focus on earning through Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. While there are other methods available, these two avenues are among the most profitable. In this article, I will guide you through the entire AdSense verification process, providing you with the steps to successfully verify your account. Let’s get started on the journey to achieving internal satisfaction through the monetization of your blog..


How to verify your Google AdSense account, so let’s get started, and in this article, we will show you how to apply for Google AdSense and also what things you have to avoid and what things you have to do.”

Website Preparation:

You have to apply on your website to get your Google AdSense account approved, but you can take it with you as long as you follow all the rules and regulations and what the rules and regulations are. You will find the page.”

Understanding Rules and Regulations:

Simply what you have to do is search Google AdSense terms and you will find all the terms, although we have not yet sold any account using both. Thanks. Nobi Four Of Line For Google AdSense Account I will show you practically so that your mind will be clear.”

Website Evaluation:

So at this time I am opening a website in front of you which is called Best Camping Small Niche Websites Related to Amazon Fleet Marketing What you need to do before applying any website is to set up the website properly.”

Common Approval Issues:

It happens and there are many people who have traffic on their website but it doesn’t get approved now what is the reason can be many we are going to discuss some main reasons your website is professional looking It should be as you can see very simple minimalist title thumbnail and over all content along with the second if we see the logo is also very cute here the categories are also set here as well as about it and contact.”

Visibility on Google:

Your page should be in a place where Google can easily find it, and if you scroll down, you can find the privacy policy, terms of services, and other pages on your website.”

Importance of Content:

Last but not the least, your website should have content as you can see here and the most important step is that if your website has a little traffic, then it is very good. Yes, it is easy for Google to approve your website, it may take some time to approve, so let’s start and we will generally apply AdSense from the same website.”

Applying for AdSense:

We have assembled that in Google. We have to go and after going to Google, we have to search here Google Adsense Right and Google Adsense which is the first page in front of us, we have to do the same, this link will also be found from the description of the video here. After that, you will see the gitstart button here, you have to click OK on the gitstarted button and you will be taken to the next page in which we will apply for proper account.”

Account Login and Setup:

I will add the password of the main account, which I don’t always remember, try I forgot the password, try again and my account is opened, after that I go to the next step. I’m going to click OK on the continue button and from here it will start up properly which is adsense account right or there are some basic steps that it is telling me to take I do it and it goes to AGAINSTEP here you are When the e-mail is logged in, you have clicked OK on the Get Started button and from there your e-mail is logged in, then you have a sign-up page open where some basic information has been given by the students section.”

Country and Preferences:

What is the website name of So I am giving the website name here Right Next is our site Third reason we gave Send Me Customize Help and Performance Session Performance Suggestion should be well by if we are making money From which country do we belong, then that country has to be given by us, then we belong from Pakistan, we choose Pakistan, some terms and conditions apply.


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